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mcdPremier Document Management Helps McDonnell Insurance Increase Efficiency by 30 Percent via Paperless Office

For years McDonnell Insurance has been using etfile to drive a complete electronic document workflow environment, resulting in a 30 percent increase in Customer Service Representative performance.

“etfile has enabled us to completely transform our business to a paperless environment,” said Jennifer Reginelli, COO, McDonnell Insurance. “This easily ranks as one of the best decisions our company has ever made. With etfile, we’ve saved countless dollars on paper and supplies alone. The return on investment has proven to be limitless, as we’re continuously finding new ways to improve performance and productivity via enterprise content management.”

Founded in 1919, McDonnell Insurance, Inc. offers a wide range of coverage to customers – from business and personal insurance to executive and employee benefits. Based in Cordova, TN, the company serves more than 4,000 customers across 38 states. Key to success is its ability to quickly and efficiently respond to customer needs – mostly through the quick routing and approval of critical documents.

McDonnell initially relied on a rolling filing system – retaining documents for up to seven years. The company housed 50 file cabinets on one floor, segregated via individual categories. The agents’ table was crowded with typical green folders – up to three inches thick with two-hole punch binders and clips. On one side of their table were the policies –tabs separating policy and endorsements that were issued. On the other side was a pile of correspondence, underwriting, and certificates. Since the correspondence and underwriting were not tabbed, to find Loss Runs or the XMOD or a letter to the customer…agents had to flip through all the pages to locate the document.

Engaging with etfile, McDonnell integrated content management with their industry management system, Applied TAM®. Etfile also recommended and implemented Canon scanners to digitize the process. Based on initial success, the insurer later expanded its engagement to pursue more effective policy and procedures via workflow management with etfile.

For companies such as McDonnell Insurance, the etfile solution was built from the ground-up to provide a robust Enterprise Content Management and Automated Workflow solution for any size business. More than document archiving, etfile’s flagship client/server file sharing and document storage and retrieval system consistently delivers the highest levels of efficiency and productivity. The business solution is easily integrated into leading ERP and CRM systems – as well as any external client, customer, or reseller offering.

“For nearly twenty years, our customers have experienced the true power of going paperless – driving new levels of efficiency, cost savings and productivity. We live and breathe content management – and understand what it takes to run a paperless business in this connected global marketplace,” said Mark Linton, President, etfile. “McDonnell is a great example of how our customers thrive with ECM.”