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Connecticut School Office Adopts Eye-Opening Paperless Solution

Windsor Public Schools_with State“Part of our goal as a department is to help the district save money. And we all saw the value, in switching to OfficeScope” says Stacy Jenkins Murphy, Administrative Assistant at Windsor Public Schools. Overall, Windsor Schools now saves over $4,000 a year in the Human Resources department alone.



Marie Oliver, Human Resources Specialist and Stacy Jenkins Murphy, Administrative Assistant both oversee the operations in the HR department at Windsor Public Schools, Connecticut which serves over 4,000 students. With the help of our document management solutions, Windsor Schools now saves over $4,000 a year in the Human Resources department alone. As OfficeScope spreads through more departments the savings will only grow.


Like any school district, Windsor Public Schools deals with a lot of paper. Every day new documents come in and must be filed away. The school had decade’s worth of paperwork in filing cabinets and file boxes, crammed into offices, storage cabinets, basements – wherever they could find room.

“In Human Resources, an application packet can be 50 pages. We had reams and reams of paper. We were literally running out of physical space,” says Marie Oliver. “We had employee files in the back that were jammed so tight. If you had to file something – just look out. You couldn’t fit it. You would rip your hands up trying to shove the paper in.”

And it wasn’t just a question of space – trying to find a document was a nightmare. “We had these DVDs [from the existing document management system] but you couldn’t do anything with them,” says Marie. “You would put the disc in and try and search but typically what I was trying to search was never there. You’d have to pull up a person and go through all the documents. There was no search capability.”

Marie - Windsor Schools


The HR department wanted a whole new approach, and they were willing to look at things with fresh eyes to find a better way to manage their documents. “Part of our goal as a department” says Stacy Jenkins Murphy, “is to help the district save money. And we all saw the value, in switching to OfficeScope.”

“Our transition was very smooth, and it was very easy,” recalls Stacy. “If we ran into a jam we could call support” and get help. Marie agrees, “The level of customer service was superb. The periodic check-ins made it more than just a sales pitch. You felt like your guardian angel was there. It was a real partnership.”

With help from OfficeScope’s support team, Windsor Schools HR team took a slow and steady approach. “We took small bites and started with the medical files. It was a really nice way to warm up,” says Marie. “We set a date and from then on all our new hires were handled through OfficeScope – it’s been over a year. This is our line in the sand and we didn’t go back.”

In fact, the rest of the district will soon implement OfficeScope as their document system. “We’ll be able to communicate with Payroll so much easier,” says Marie. “It’s going to flow through Windsor Public Schools, like a watercolor.”


Marie and Stacy are so happy with their new office workflow. Instead of the reams of paper, theDocuments in Closet slow, arduous filing, and the difficulty in finding old documents, the HR team has a fast, efficient and cost effective document management solution.

The cost savings are quantifiable. Instead of having to print out a 50 page application packet, Stacy can just “click and file” using OfficeScope’s convenient Applitrack integration. “You just click on print; check all the things you want to file; say ‘OK’ and bam, it’s in a folder. It’s a huge timesaver, and it’s made us so much more efficient. I love it.”

Marie agrees. “I love the fact that you can have six files, maybe multiple pages for each file. You just throw it up there and they come through individually.” She loves it so much now she “looks forward to the file days. Everything can be done in the blink of an eye. Click and file. Click and file. It’s like a game!”