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Iowa School District Revolutionizes Paper Process with ‘Cutting Edge’ Solutions

Mt. Pleasant Emblem Outside“We had been so reliant on paper, and when you start talking about a paperless solution people start to doubt you,” says Ed Chabal, Director of Business and Finance for the Mt. Pleasant Community School District. “But we persuaded them it would really help. They could see that etfile is really a different solution. I referred to it as ‘cutting edge’.”

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etfile thinks MASBO Matters


asbo_logoPublished: MASBO Matters

Date: FY2014 May/June

The reality is schools are mired in paper records. With everything from faculty records to IEP’s to vendor invoices housed in hundreds of manila folders. When the process of filing paper started decades ago it might not have seemed like a problem. Although, as time has progressed the mountain of documents has only grown and for many districts has become unmanageable.

Each time a file is requested, office workers engage in an almost endless game of “hide-and-seek” in an effort to retrieve the document from cabinets that are housed in dingy, dusty basements or over-stuffed closets. Even worse if a document is misplaced it could take days or even weeks to find it.  Continue reading

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Scared of making the paperless transition?

Top Broker Cover“etfile has probably saved us about four hours per day in filing time alone,” says Miller. “They’ve given me a half-time person every day.”
Published: Canadian Insurance Top Broker Magazine
Author: Brynna Leslie
Date: February 14, 2014

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Online P&C brokerage Surex Direct on the benefits of going paperless

For Surex Insurance Brokers and Surex Direct, making the transition to a paperless office environment was driven by one goal: improved customer service. Continue reading

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Cloud-Based Document Management System: What Should You Look For?

document media logoPublished: Document Magazine
Author: Jon Lincoln, VP Business Development, etfile

Posted Date: Wednesday, January, 2014

Cloud-based document management solutions are the best alternative to accommodate the mobile workforce. The real key in cloud is mobility, empowering users to leverage a unified central repository where all key data is securely stored. This means the cloud-based document management system you choose must offer: Continue reading

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etfile Transforms 50 Years of Paper into Digitized Paperless System for Leicester Public Schools


Published: ImageSource Magazine

Posted Date: Friday, October 4, 2013

Leicester Public Schools is a school system based in Leicester, Massachusetts – a small town in the state’s central region. Settled in 1713 with a population today of 11,000, Leicester has 1,900 school age residents that attend Leicester Primary School (K-2), Leicester Memorial School (3-5), Leicester Middle School (6-8),and Leicester High School (9-12). Continue reading

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Golden Bridge names OfficeScope by etfile Finalist for Document Management

Etfile Receives Nod for Innovative Cloud-Based Solution to File And Retrieve Information

Golden Bridge IconWestborough, MA – September 3, 2013 – etfile today announced that OfficeScope,a cloud-based document management solution designed to empower paperless organizations, was named a finalist in the 2013 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards in the “Cloud Computing/SaaS – Innovation” category. The winners of the Golden Bridge Awards will be announced at an upcoming ceremony in San Francisco on Monday, September 30th.

“Since the launch of OfficeScope in the spring, we have received an overwhelming, positive response from our customers and industry media,” said Mark Linton, CEO of etfile. “We are honored that the Golden Bridge Awards has also recognized OfficeScope’s strong value-added traits and look forward to the award ceremony.” Continue reading

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Improve Your Business With These 5 Mobile Apps


Published: i2Mag
By: Damian Wolf

Posted Date: Monday, August 12, 2013

For the modern businessman on the go it is very important to find the most time effective way to deal with a huge workload. Being able to organize and prioritize your projects, store tons of necessary data that you need to access quickly as well as being able to manage your contacts effectively is what separates the successful executives from the low-level riffraff. A Smartphone is basically an indispensable piece of equipment without which every businessman would feel naked. There are a ton of apps out there that can help you manage your business, but as we all know, all apps are not created equal. So, what are some of the best apps out there for improving the way you do business? There is no definitive list, as it all depends on what you need personally, but the following five apps will work across the board and help make your life easier no matter what line of business you are in. Continue reading