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8 Mobile Cloud Apps to Streamline Your Workflow

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Published: Inc.
By: John Brandon

Posted Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1. OfficeScope

What I like most about the doc-sharing app OfficeScope is that it is designed for real business. We’re not just living on an island, sharing documents with co-workers. You can set up a central repository and let vendors, partners, and contractors share docs. There are scanning features that help you move paper documents to the cloud as well. Continue reading

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10 Must-Have Features for an Enterprise Content Management Solution

document media logoPublished: Document Magazine
So, your organization has decided to invest in an (ECM) solution, but before you make a rash decision and sign a contract with the first ECM provider you find on your Internet search, consider these 10 “must-have” features that your selected ECM should provide: