Why Implement A Document Management Solution NOW? Ask these 80 Million People

Business fulfills each and every one of them What does the number 80 million mean to you? No, it’s not the amount of paper sitting in your office.


There are endless reasons to go paperless including cost savings, a boost in efficiency and an increase in security. However, there is one reason that may take the cake to make the change ASAP. What does the number 80 million mean to you? No, it’s not the amount of paper sitting in your office. It’s the amount of millennials in America — Future employees and the fastest growing customer demographic!

Millennials have learned to work, take notes, complete research and run their lives in the digital era and they want to keep things that way. Everything they save is in electronic format which means no printing! Handing them a piece of paper is like spoon feeding a child Brussels sprouts.

Not to mention the “green” wave that millennials promote more than ever before in an effort to reduce deforestation. Being a paperless organization makes you much more relatable and attractive to this massive demographic standing before us. Notably, millennials are 2.5 times more likely to be early adopters than are older generations.1

Blog Post Pic - Millenials

So how can you capture the interest of these 80 million people you plan to integrate into your organization AND plan to sell your products and services to? Ensure you have the paperless processes in place to attract and accommodate to this demographic.

According to research done by the Association for Information and Image Management, most organizations have a long way to go before they have addressed all of the processes that can potentially become digitized. 2 Meaning, 64% said they have made none or very little progress toward becoming paper-free, or they have some paper-free processes but progress is slow. Therefore, many are in the same boat but plan to move to electronic means in the near future.

Developing relationships with these 80 million millennials is important for organizations to create lifelong customers for the future. They are the ones who will set the trends and run business operations down the road. Implementing a document management solution NOW makes your organization more attractive to consumers and workforce in upcoming years, which only adds to the cost savings and efficiency boosts incurred.


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