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Cloudy with a Chance of…Content Management

cloudsWatching the local news last night, I was thinking. Why is it people get so emotional about the weather? It’s the hot topic of conversation at water coolers – Is it going to rain? Exactly HOW much snow are we getting? After a while, I came to a conclusion – Clouds really get a bad rap. Sure, clouds bring rain and snow (I think we’ve seen enough of that lately!), but they also mean good things. Clouds cool off hot days, contribute to wind flow, and help change the seasons. And they’re also the driving force behind one of the biggest technology revolutions today – cloud computing. By now, everyone’s heard the term, but how many understand how cloud benefits business? Continue reading

It’s About Who You Know

partnershipWhen I first started my career, the best piece of advice I received was this:  “To be successful, it’s all about who you know.”  Connections and referrals accelerate goals and drive accomplishments.  And now that I’m further along in my career, I still believe in the power of connections, but with a caveat.  It’s not just who you know – but what you learn.

I believe we can learn something from everyone.  This is how we’ve built our Enterprise Content Management and Automated Workflow business at etfile.  We listen to customers, understand what drives their successes, and incorporate this knowledge into our ECM solutions.  So when my thoughts turned to the reseller community, it only made sense to take the same approach. Continue reading

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is PowerRemember the saying:  “Knowledge is Power?”  Over the years, everyone from philosophers to authors have used the phrase to stress the importance of informed decision-making.  And it makes sense.  Because how can you make critical decisions about business, operations and performance without the knowledge at hand?

Real-time decision-making is critical as markets move too quickly to work any other way.  Executives require an accurate view of project and employee performance to make the right call.  But how do you harness data that’s literally spread throughout an organization?  For many, the answer lies in content management, and specifically, automated workflow. Continue reading