Customer Spotlight: Vol. 3: “etfile was one of our best decisions.”

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Kristi Cauvin, Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Johnson, Kendall and Johnson

Q: Why did you go to etfile’s document management?

Well, we had a ton of paper and a bunch of cabinets that we needed to get rid of. It was on employee’s desks, it was on the floor, it was on top of the cabinets, everywhere! So in 2005 we took our journey and decided to go paperless. We did very well to start by creating our naming convention – by doing the policy term year, what kind of policy it was, then the description. This way when we sort or search in etfile we know exactly where and how to find it.

Then 2008 hit, and we decided to move locations. Well, we still had a ton of cabinets that had old documents in them that we decided we needed to get rid of. But we didn’t want to archive them and send off-site, we wanted to get rid of the paper. So we hired a bunch of interns, and we scanned over 300 file drawers full of paper into etfile keeping our naming convention which our interns were able to access and input into the system. It was done in an order so that you hit the description, and it lines it up by policy so you can find what you need.

Q: How did you do carry out with the scanning process?

At the time we carried through with back-end scanning where we got rid of all our old archived paper. Today we continue on our commercial lines to do back-end scanning – all of our CSRs look at the document and before it gets scanned in they look at it, and they do the barcode placement. We did try to do front-end scanning with our commercial lines with the mail, but with all the different carriers there so many rules and ways paper comes in, so we decided against it with etfile’s help.

We do use front-end scanning for personal lines, because that seems to work very well for us to have our receptionist scan in the mail to the personal lines CSR’s inbox and then they take care of whatever needs to be done with the document. If its trash they delete it, if they need it they file it in etfile with the appropriate naming convention.

Q: What are some of your favorite aspects of etfile?

We can look up as many documents as we want for a client, and send multiple documents in one email with the Outlook integration.

We can also save it in its native format, whether it’s Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and others. So if two years from now I need to follow-up on an email that is in etfile, it’s so simple. I open it up, send it off like I never took it out of my Outlook, but really I’m doing it all through etfile.

Q: How secure is etfile?

We have HIPPA laws because we have the benefits department so we have an electronic file room that’s completely locked down for benefits. And our accounting department work out of the main file room for PNC but they have documents that need to be more secure as well. So we lock down some cabinets in our general file room for them so that only the accounting department can access it.

Q: What are your next steps?

Recently we partnered with another company, and with that came all their paper with them. So all the paper and filing cabinets that we had worked to get rid of all came back. We will go through the same process to scan all the paper and come up with a new naming convention since it’s a new division of our company. And once we scan all that in we’ll be done with that paper too.

Etfile has definitely worked for us and we look to continue for the long run.

Q: How helpful was training?

Training was very good. I have coworkers that were gung-ho and on board to get rid of the paper. Training through etfile was very thorough and we have a lot of people that have become the experts, but I don’t think that’s a great term for it because it’s such an easy product to use. And with new employees coming on board, they never knew were a paper based company because our process is so great.

Every time we bring in a new receptionist, as we like to move each one up the ladder, we make sure they learn the front-end mailroom scanning and we’ve had no issues with that.

Q: What has been your experience with our on-going support team?

I love on-going support! The reason why I love them is because I have my favorite support techs but I have never had a bad experience with anyone there. But I usually don’t have to put in a ticket. When I call with a problem, they ask if they can dial into that users system and if there’s a delay, it’s because my user won’t let them dial in at that time. When they do dial in I can watch exactly what they’re doing on my screen, and they tell me exactly what they’re doing. And it’s literally minutes, it’s very quick. We’ve never had a problem that has taken a long time to fix.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to say about etfile?

We are just very happy with etfile. We believe that you don’t always make the best decisions in business, but getting etfile was one of our best decisions.


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