Customer Spotlight: Vol. 2: “etfile has majorly impacted our expenses and revenues, and allowed us to be more efficient.”


Agencies always ask – can I go fully paperless, and how can I make the process as painless as possible? It’s important for organizations to keep in mind to be realistic when it comes to making the switch. Paper requirements in our society are taxing on every organization. Not to mention the customer needs or legal and regulatory requirements that can also be transformed electronically.

There is a way and it’s worth it – creating a process and taking small steps to transform your organizations mind-set makes it possible.

  • Track how much paper you use on a monthly basis, and how much it costs to print and store it.
  • Track how much time is wasted searching for a document filed in a cabinet or physical folder. This will help employees get on-board with the idea of change, and realize how much time and money is wasted with paper use.
  • Re-format Business processes to replace physical signing with e-signatures, reproduce internal documents in e-formats, and enable your staff with dual monitors for easy cross-reference with multiple documents are just a few steps to help along the way.

It’s painless and this is how one of many organizations grew because of it!

Sharon MacEachern, Asst. Vice President of Operations, Greylock Insurance

Q: Can you provide us with your organization’s background?

Greylock is an agency located in western Massachusetts with six locations. We primarily focus on property and casualty or mostly personal lines focused.

Q: What issues your organization was going through that made you look into etfile?

When we decided to implement etfile I had just started working at the agency which was in 2005. When I came to the agency they were still using paper, moving their mail through paper means, had T-files, etc. I knew that we needed to bring them up to speed and go to a paperless environment.

Q: How was your search to find the right vendor?

We searched a ton of different vendors and actually previewed about 5 or 6. We then decided etfile had the features that we wanted, and we were most comfortable with the staff that we interacted with. We also felt that we were going to get the support we needed to implement it from start to finish.

Q: How did etfile help your organization’s overall business?

Once we fully implemented etfile and got everyone paperless, it allowed us to expand to six locations throughout the county. Now using the system we are able to remotely send mail out to all of our locations so we can receive mail in one central spot. That has majorly impacted our expenses and revenues, and allowed us to be more efficient. Employees receive their work more quickly, and receive documents from the customers more quickly. When it comes to us, we scan it in and send it off to them through an activity.

Really it has massively impacted our bottom line. By becoming paperless and more efficient in the delivery of documents to the user they are able to focus more on sales which has directly impacted our revenue.

Woman Looking Through PaperworkQ: What made you choose etfile over another document management system?

We chose etfile because of the many features that is has which we haven’t even utilized all of them yet. But I like that they’re there, and it’s a system that I think we can grow into even more than we have. Every year we tweak our process and find new features, and send those out our users. This way they are constantly learning aspects like how to annotate documents, and so many other tricks that enhance their ability to communicate with the customer and accomplish things more efficiently. Not all of the document management systems have those features so that stood out to us.

Q: Have you ever had to call support and what was your experience with it?

We’ve had to call support a lot because we’ve been with etfile for so many years. We actually had a major server crash about two years ago, and our IT staff had to work closely with etfile’s support team. And once they rebuilt our server things had to be reconfigured, and it was a big undertaking but our IT staff couldn’t speak enough about how etfile supported them every step of the way, and well beyond their expectations. A lot of software vendors only provide support in their system, and they won’t help you try to figure out those missing pieces of the puzzle because they aren’t directly responsible for it. But etfile’s staff had the knowledge and had us up and running really quickly.

We’ve also had to change scanners several times because they reached their life capacity. Every time etfile has been great in supporting us and getting it back up and running. We were reconfigured so quickly that we never skipped a beat. We are really pleased with the support.

Q: Have you been able to experience our on-going Academy webinars?

Yes, I have seen your webinars especially after you have upgrades or changes, and they are great. I like that they are fast and to the point. It’s not a major amount of time from your day to participate or follow along with them. And that’s important to me. I don’t want to spend hours watching a webinar, I need to move quickly.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to say about etfile?

Just keep doing what you’re doing, we are really pleased. We know now that we COULD switch over to our agency management system (TAM) which actually does scanning within the system, but we’ve been so happy with the relationship with etfile that we plan on staying where we are. So we thank you guys for doing what you do.