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Customer Spotlight: Vol. 2: “etfile has majorly impacted our expenses and revenues, and allowed us to be more efficient.”


Agencies always ask – can I go fully paperless, and how can I make the process as painless as possible? It’s important for organizations to keep in mind to be realistic when it comes to making the switch. Paper requirements in our society are taxing on every organization. Not to mention the customer needs or legal and regulatory requirements that can also be transformed electronically.

There is a way and it’s worth it – creating a process and taking small steps to transform your organizations mind-set makes it possible.

  • Track how much paper you use on a monthly basis, and how much it costs to print and store it.
  • Track how much time is wasted searching for a document filed in a cabinet or physical folder. This will help employees get on-board with the idea of change, and realize how much time and money is wasted with paper use.
  • Re-format Business processes to replace physical signing with e-signatures, reproduce internal documents in e-formats, and enable your staff with dual monitors for easy cross-reference with multiple documents are just a few steps to help along the way.

It’s painless and this is how one of many organizations grew because of it!

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We Are the Champions…of Content Management

trainingMany technology companies today offer some sort of product training.  Proper training is essential, empowering businesses to make the most of their technology investments.  But good training will only take you so far.  Learning is not a “one and done” process.  It’s a continuous, evolutionary process that grows along with the business. Continue reading

Training: There is No Finish Line

trainingWe’ve all been there:  Sitting in a classroom for annual software training.  Mandated by management, the course is considered a job requirement.  For most,the goal is to take the training and get it over with.  But this mindset is the top reason most companies fail to maximize technology investments.  Because when it comes to training, there is no finish line. Continue reading