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Global Document Management Set to Grow by 14.28%

Blog Picture_Global doc mgmtWhat an exciting time for technology and the world of paperless offices! As a DMS provider we were thrilled to read concrete evidence of the growth trends we’ve witnessed. The new Technavio ‘Global Document Management Systems Market Research Report 2015-2019’ predicts paperless movement will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.28% between now and 2019. Continue reading

Customer Spotlight: Vol. 3: “etfile was one of our best decisions.”

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Kristi Cauvin, Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Johnson, Kendall and Johnson

Q: Why did you go to etfile’s document management?

Well, we had a ton of paper and a bunch of cabinets that we needed to get rid of. It was on employee’s desks, it was on the floor, it was on top of the cabinets, everywhere! So in 2005 we took our journey and decided to go paperless. We did very well to start by creating our naming convention – by doing the policy term year, what kind of policy it was, then the description. This way when we sort or search in etfile we know exactly where and how to find it.

Then 2008 hit, and we decided to move locations. Well, we still had a ton of cabinets that had old documents in them that we decided we needed to get rid of. But we didn’t want to archive them and send off-site, we wanted to get rid of the paper. So we hired a bunch of interns, and we scanned over 300 file drawers full of paper into etfile keeping our naming convention which our interns were able to access and input into the system. It was done in an order so that you hit the description, and it lines it up by policy so you can find what you need.

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Customer Spotlight: Vol. 2: “etfile has majorly impacted our expenses and revenues, and allowed us to be more efficient.”


Agencies always ask – can I go fully paperless, and how can I make the process as painless as possible? It’s important for organizations to keep in mind to be realistic when it comes to making the switch. Paper requirements in our society are taxing on every organization. Not to mention the customer needs or legal and regulatory requirements that can also be transformed electronically.

There is a way and it’s worth it – creating a process and taking small steps to transform your organizations mind-set makes it possible.

  • Track how much paper you use on a monthly basis, and how much it costs to print and store it.
  • Track how much time is wasted searching for a document filed in a cabinet or physical folder. This will help employees get on-board with the idea of change, and realize how much time and money is wasted with paper use.
  • Re-format Business processes to replace physical signing with e-signatures, reproduce internal documents in e-formats, and enable your staff with dual monitors for easy cross-reference with multiple documents are just a few steps to help along the way.

It’s painless and this is how one of many organizations grew because of it!

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Pop Quiz: The Paperless School District

TM SolutionGuest Blogger: Andy Paquette, President, The Management Solution

As the calendar turns to another month schools are in full swing. Students busily study flashcards, take notes, and work hard to make the grade. And teachers are doing everything possible to ensure students receive a quality education. But while administrations place the highest emphasis on students (as they should), some inadvertently lose sight of inefficiencies and shortfalls within their business offices.  Continue reading

Happy Birthday Copier: You’ve Come a Long Way

The date may not be circled on your calendar, but this year marks an important milestone.  Seventy-five years ago, the world was introduced to the first copy machine.  And while it’s a standard piece of equipment in every office today, the invention was unheard of back then.

Once standardized, it eliminated the need for carbon paper and made replication and storage of business documents easier than ever before.  And it’s still evolving and changing today.  This reminds me of that old Virginia Slims commercial – “You’ve come a long way, baby”.  And it has. Continue reading

We Are the Champions…of Content Management

trainingMany technology companies today offer some sort of product training.  Proper training is essential, empowering businesses to make the most of their technology investments.  But good training will only take you so far.  Learning is not a “one and done” process.  It’s a continuous, evolutionary process that grows along with the business. Continue reading

To Automate or Not to Automate: THAT is the Question!

automationIt’s the age-old question that’s plagued people for many years.  It’s probably one of the most critical decisions a business will ever make.  And while it may not hold as much gravitas as Shakespeare’s age-old quandary, the decision to streamline the business infrastructure CAN mean life or death for your company.  To automate or not to automate?  Maybe that’s the REAL question! Continue reading

Back to School: Back to Business

back 2 schoolAnyone who’s seen the recent flood of television commercials (and how can you miss them?) knows it’s that time of year again – “Back to School”.  Teachers are busy preparing classrooms, curricula and resources to bring students the best education possible.  After all, that’s what parents expect – and schools must be prepared.

And while parents are mostly concerned with new AP classes, gymnasiums, and football fields — there’s one area often overlooked:  The Back Office.  At its core, the school district is a business and must operate at peak performance.  Because information drives the learning infrastructure, administrators must easily access these resources to perform most effectively.  Continue reading